Advise us, please before you thow out valuable unique documents.

Appeal  for old records , diaries, and artifacts. 


Please help to provide your memories, family notes or documents or
audio records for future study.

Many of us have personal stories and insights as to the doings of folk
in Culcheth, and stories of past events concerning firms, armed forces'
personnel, and the development of "The Village" from a rural backwater
with 'DATEN' (Departmentof Atomic Energy) and industrialisation to its
modern self.

Many of us have artefacts and old diaries that shed light on past
things, these are of very valuable interest to the future folk who
come after us (the present generation) and for an understanding of
social history.

The group has professional archivists in its membership and contact
with others in surrounding areas covering Lancashire and Cheshire
(The 'old' now 'ceremonial'counties).

Please contact us, before you throw out old diaries, firm's records,
'Great Grandmother's recipe notes' etc.

All items, can be placed under a 'time embargo'; e.g. "Do not read for 20
years" or '90 years' or such time as is set so no living person is detailed
or available for study.

The handwritten diaries in Wigan Archive collection has provided much data
for social studies and study of habits of former times.


Wigan and Leigh.

The Wigan Archivist gave Culcheth Local History Group an excellent talk and 
illustrations of the valuable matters from handwritten diaries.

The Wigan Archives are important on a national level for their diary collection..

Audio records of personal memories and dialect usage are now of vital
importance to be collected.

Contact us!